UCAC4 372-080463

This was the 3rd variable studied by the Siena University Observatory team (F. Salvaggio, A. Marchini and R. Papini) with Avogadro Observatory. It is a RCc variable, i.e. a RR Lyrae type variable. These types of variable stars have a nearly symmetric, sometimes sinusoidal, light curve with periods from 0.2 to 0.5 days, and amplitudes not greater than 0.8 mag. inĀ V. They are overtone pulsators. In particular, the UCAC4 372-080463 is a quite peculiar RRc because it has an ascending branch more steep than other variable of the same class. It is located in the Ophiucus constellation.

Its light curve is the following:

The following is the link to this variable AAVSO VSX page.