2MASS J22111437+6002162

On September 2016, the collaboration among three Italian observatories lead to the difficult discover of this EW eclipse binary variable star, with a magnitude in the range 16,41 to 16.83 CV. The two stars orbit each other with a period of 0.54659d. The observatories involved in the discovery were the Siena University Observatory (Alessandro Marchini, Riccardo Papini, Fabio Salvaggio) that lead the operations, the Nova Milanese Observatory (Massimo Banfi) and our Avogadro Observatory (A. Milani, M. Ghiri). The discover was published in the International Variable Star Index (VSX) on September 14th. 

EW type star is a W Ursae Majoris-type eclipsing variables, also known as a low mass contact binary. These are eclipsers with periods usually shorter than 1 day, consisting of two ellipsoidal components almost in contact and having light curves for which it is impossible to specify the exact times of onset and end of eclipses. The depths of the primary and secondary minima are almost equal or differ insignificantly. Light amplitudes are usually <0.8 mag. in V. The components generally belong to spectral types F-G and later.

Here below, there is the star light curve of 2MASS J22111437+6002162 as submitted to AAVSO.