NGC6914 (vdB131 and 132)

It is a HaLRGB sequence of 14 Ha frames of 1800 sec exposition each, plus a LRGB of (27+10+10+9)x900s, for a total time of 21 hr. It was shot in September 2017 with the FSQ telescope and the QHY90A. Below there is an Ha only picture which is the sum of 31x900s frames taken with the GSO telescope and the ATIK-One CCD one year before. The FOV of the Ha imagine is about 1/4 of the color image FOV, therefore it is difficult to compare them. The comparison is done below.

This is the zoomed crop of the color image central area with the couple of vdB 132 nebulae are well visible in the upper left part of the image rounded by a blue nebulosity. The FOV of the crop matches that of the Ha image here on the right.

This is the full Ha image in which the two vdB 132 nebulae are in same position of the left image. They are only small stars and the blue nebulosity is invisible because its light I well outside the red Ha narrow band range.

This beautiful nebula complex is located at the heart of the constellation Cygnus and at a distance of 6000 light years. The two blue reflection nebulae, with North-South alignment, are cataloged as vdB132. The smaller one, below the two and to their left (invisible in the crop and in the Ha image), is the reflection nebula vdB131. Together, with the surrounding emission nebula, they are cataloged also as NGC 6914. The images also contain several other cataloged bright and dark, and a few relatively rare, yellow reflection nebulae.