Telescope: GSO; CCD: ATIK-One; LRGB: 6×600+10×300+10×300+10×300 – Total Exposition 3hr 30m

Telescope: GSO; CCD: SBIG STF8300 ; Lum: 6×200 – Total Exposition 20m

NGC 6791 is an open star cluster in the Lyra constellation. It was discovered by Friedrich August Theodor Winnecke in 1853. At roughly 8 billion years old, and with an Iron to Hydrogen abundance ratio, that is more than twice that of the Sun, it is one of the oldest and most metal-rich clusters in the Milky Way. This is conflicting with the rule-of-thumb where older star means more metal-poor. Compounded with the fact that it has an unusually high population of stars, NGC 6791 is among the most studied clusters in the sky.