IC63 “Ghost of Cassiopeia”

Image taken on 2016 July 8th, with the FSQ telescope and the QHY90A CCD. It is the result of a LRGB sequence of (49+12+12+12)x600s, for a total of about 14hr of exposition.

This image shows the sky around the nebula IC 63, nicknamed the Ghost of Cassiopeia. The picture is dominated by the bright star Gamma Cassiopeiae, which is having a profound influence on IC 63. It is only one of several nebulous structures surrounding Gamma Cassiopeiae, which are all lighted by the radiation emitted by the blue-white subgiant star. Another one, well visible in the picture, is IC59, the red-blueish nebula to the right of the stars. You can see the two nebula in the annotated frame below. The picture on the right shows the position on the sky, easy visible from the northern hemisphere.