DWB111 “Propeller Nebula”

This is a classic case of LRGC reinforced with a consistent amount of Ha. The image is the composition of 23 Ha of 900s plus 32+15+15+15 0f 600s frames for the LRGB, for a total exposition time of 18hr 35min.

The region around Gamma Cygni is very rich of nebulosities. While there are parts closer to the line of sight of Gamma Cygni, that are relatively bright and not difficult at all to observe (such as the Butterfly Nebula, IC 1318), the more distant regions are usually considerably fainter. 

The Propeller Nebula DWB 111 is about 4 degrees NNW of Gamma Cygni, that is well accessible for visual observation. Using a wide field low power eyepiece equipped with H beta filter, you can sweep the area of the propeller using, for orientation, the superimposed pattern of 4 field stars listed below.